Dentures will make you confident in your smile again! If you are missing one, a few or all of your teeth then dentures are perfect for you! Dr. Herren will personalize your dentures to fit your smile! They look like natural teeth and are more comfortable than ever!

Are dentures right for me?

Improved Self-Confidence!

Tooth loss makes people feel embarrassed and self-conscious about their smile, causing people to avoid smiling. Dentures will give you your confidence back so you never have to hide your smile again! Today’s dentures look very natural too, so you can smile, laugh and talk without worrying!

Eat What you Want!

One of the major benefits of receiving dentures is you can eat what you love again! Dr. Herren ensures your dentures fit perfectly so you can eat the food you enjoy most without pain or frustration.

Better Speech!

Your pronunciation will improve greatly after you receive dentures, allowing you to get back to normal, everyday life. When we speak, the tongue actually pushes against our teeth to help us pronunciate words. If you are missing a tooth or teeth, it can be difficult to pronounce certain words. Dentures help to restore your natural speech!

Frequently Asked Questions


What are Dentures?

Dentures can replace one or many missing teeth. Today’s technology has improved dentures greatly, making them very comfortable and natural looking.


How do Dentures work?

 A full set of dentures is flesh-colored acrylic that fits over your gum. If the set of dentures is for the upper part of your mouth, the palette covers the roof of your mouth. If the set of dentures is for the bottom part of your mouth, they are shaped like a horseshoe to accommodate your tongue.


How do I care for my Dentures?

It is important to take care of your dentures. Brush them daily along with your gums, tongue and palate when you do not have the dentures in. Also, do not let them dry out. Place them in denture cleanser soaking solution or plain water when you’re not wearing them.



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